Boo Turns Two


We had a birthday in the house yesterday.  Our Monkey Boo Boo (aka, Director of Security) turned two whole years old.  In dog years that’s supposed to be 14 and I’m personally not thrilled at the notion of having a teenager in the house, but she’s such a good girl I’m hopeful she won’t become possessed by the aliens that take over most teenagers.

Boo is a kleptomaniac.  She’s very much an introvert so the way she “interacts” with people she doesn’t know well is to steal their stuff.  Of course we never manage to get pictures of her when she’s stolen someone’s shoe or glove or jacket or doll or truck or …. well you get the picture.  And she’s solid black, so getting a picture of her at all is very difficult.

This is Boo when we first brought her home:

Boo-Rex April 2013

(She’s supposed to be my dog but she’s very much a “daddy’s girl”!)

And here she is last week with her favorite blankie.  We’ve convinced her she’s not supposed to have it so she’s constantly teasing us with it, trying to get us to chase her & take it away from her.

Boo - 1.1.15

Getting to the point, we tried to have a birthday party for Boo last night.  Unbeknownst to me, the camera was rolling as I tried to get Boo and Hootie into chairs at the kitchen table.  The camera stopped rolling way too quickly but you can get an idea of what happened from this video!

And for those of you who are completely grossed out over a dog on the table, rest assured I feel the same way!  The table’s been bleached, rinsed and well sanitized.  We do NOT normally let our dogs on the table; in fact, that’s my biggest issue with having cats and the main reason we have none of those!

It got worse.  And more hilarious.  There might have been a few more curse words … Hootie was on the table at one point, shortly after he snuck over and stole Boo’s Frosty Paw right off the table (I think he came back looking for more).  In the end, Boo and Hootie both got their Frosty Paws treats and were quite happy with them.  And our kitchen table is probably cleaner than it’s been in a very long time ….

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