Connecting The Dots


Today’s (or yesterday’s?) Blogging 101 assignment:

Connect The Dots

(I hope you can read that!)

I started this blog with the intention of sharing quilting and sewing related information.  Techniques, tips, ideas, patterns …. looking for a way to connect with current and potential customers in a way that didn’t feel to them like I was trying to sell them something.  Looking to connect and get to know customers and anyone else interested in quilting and sewing.  But like all of us, I am multi-faceted so even though my passion involves fabric, needle and thread, I have a lot of other interests too.  I can’t limit myself here to just sewing stuff.  There’s too much going on upstairs that wants out.

One of my “lesser” passions – one I’ve temporarily given up since I left Texas – is growing roses.  I had beautiful little rose gardens at my old house.  My ex built a lovely corner garden with elevated beds (necessary in the clay soil around Houston), and then my son built another elevated bed in the opposite corner.  I had tea roses, climbing roses, antique roses … I loved them all.  I got so enthralled with growing roses I joined the Houston Rose Society.  Talk about experts!  So full of information and so eager to share – those monthly Rose Society meetings were thrilling.  As soon as Christmas festivities were over I started getting ready for Valentine’s Day – the official rose pruning day in the Houston area.

If I had to pick a favorite rose it would have to be one of the antique roses I found.  I can’t narrow it down further than that.  Antique roses are the best.  “Them as’ll come up an’ bloom if you just whistle to ’em, them’s th’ nicest of all.”

I haven’t yet learned how to grow beautiful roses in Ohio, but I will.  Someday.  Right now I’m nurturing a couple of fledgling businesses.  Funny thing about new businesses …. they’re kind of like antique roses.  Plant them in good soil, don’t let their feet stay wet too long, fertilize them properly, protect them from thrips, prune when necessary and they’ll bloom like crazy.  Whistling (or singing) while you work never hurts either.

Truer words were never spoken when it comes to heritage or antique roses.  So here’s a question:  can you tell me where that quote comes from?  It’s my favorite book of all time – has been since I was about 7 years old.  Here’s an interesting factoid I just learned … the author wrote the book the year my mother was born.  I never knew that until today.  My mom would be 104 this March if she were still here on Earth with us.  There’s a clue for you!

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