Texas Girl

It's true what they say!

It’s true what they say!

I’ve been so incredibly homesick for months now.  I realized awhile back it had been nearly a year since I’d been back to visit Texas and clearly that is not acceptable to my heart or my psyche.  It was time to migrate south for a visit.

And what a wonderful visit it was, although entirely too short.  Ten glorious, miserably hot days, made special by visits with family and friends.  It didn’t all go as planned, but it was great to be home for awhile!

The “PLAN” was to surprise my daughter with her First Annual 39th Birthday Party.  And yes, that must be written with capital letters.  It was a PLAN.  A plan for an EVENT.  A very special event.  The first of many.  Or so I hoped.

But, as it seems to always go, my daughter had other PLANS.  She and her husband had made an offer on a new home, and were rather surprised when the offer was accepted.  Glorious news!  But that meant everything else must be put on hold so they could get their current home ready to go on the market, and also get as much packed as possible to move to the new home.  And wouldn’t you know it, my visit was timed perfectly to help with some of that.  Oh joy.

So the First Annual 39th Birthday Party was quickly shuffled about, people notified, plans changed, reservations cancelled … and those who were going to eat, drink & be merry with us instead showed up to help pack.  Turns out that can be fun with the right people there to help – fun AND productive.  No margaritas and Tex-Mex; instead we had pizza and beer, and a beautiful chocolate cake.  And lots of very sore muscles.  But stuff got cleared out, packed up, moved to storage or Goodwill … things got DONE.

In additional that, though, I got to visit friends, do some sewing, and basically eat my way across the Houston metro – eating all those things I can’t get in Columbus, Ohio.

Things like Shrimp Alfredo with a Caesar salad at Santa Barbara Italian Cafe.  Brisket, new potatoes and sweet potatoes at Central TX Style BBQ.  Chicken Picatta at Connie & Steve’s.  Whataburger.  Shipley’s Donuts.  Center Court Pizza.  Blood Orange Margaritas at Lupe Tortilla.  Cozumel Chicken Salad at Gringo’s.  Christa Roll and Spring Rolls at Little Tokyo.  Shrimp Marguerite at Chez Pearl.  Green Chile Grits with Garlic Shrimp at Chez Pearl.  And more that I just can’t remember right now (although I do see a theme here:  SHRIMP – lots and lots of shrimp).

Yeah, I came home a few pounds cuddlier.  But happy.  And not quite as homesick as I was a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently the saying on this tee shirt is true ….

More on the Texas trip to come!

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I'm an online quilt shop owner, a mom, Nana to three wonderful grands, Grandma to twelve extra grands, quilter, dog lover, book lover, friend to many, sister to two, and partner to one amazing man.

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