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The Weather!


Yesterday’s #Blogging101 assignment:  write to your reader.  Ummm … I thought I was already doing that!  But when I woke up this morning it was -8 F.  MINUS EIGHT DEGREES FARENHEIT?!?  As in …. EIGHT BELOW ZERO?  Where I LIVE?!?

Hourly forecast 1.8.15

This is today’s hourly forecast.  It doesn’t show the part where it should be 14 below zero tonight sometime.

Why is this remarkable?

I’m a southern girl.  As in southern/southwestern part of the United States.  In the places I lived my entire life, until just recently, snow was remarkable.  Ice was remarkable.  I don’t believe “below zero” ever happened – certainly not when I was wherever “there” was!  Even in the high desert country of southwestern New Mexico I never experienced “below zero” temps.

Now I live in central Ohio USA.  Aaahhh … the things we do for love, right?  That’s right.  I followed my heart to central Ohio.  I’ve seen it snow several times now and I LOVE IT.  I love how it looks, I love the cold, I much prefer snow to the driving rains on southeast Texas …. but I can’t say I’m loving this “below zero” business.

Even our big yellow bear of a dog wants to come back in before his 10 minutes are up.  That’s COLD!  And to keep this somewhat on topic, it’s a great day to wrap up in a nice warm quilt, light up the fireplace and enjoy the snow outside – through the window.